Friday, February 27, 2009


Okay, it's apparently been almost a month since I've posted anything at all, but I've barely been online lately, so myyyyyy bad. I'm gonna try to start posting more often, but we all know how that worked out the last thousand times I said it. So here's a bunch of folk punk. These bands are all I've listened to lately, and every single one of these are more than worth your time. So yeah. If you've heard of these bands, get it, and if you haven't, get it anyway and give it a shot. See ya in a hundred years.

ghost mice
ghost mice/rymodee (split)

ghost mice (self-titled)
live set at the bike barn (portland)
collection one or the fairy war
ghost mice/defiance ohio (split, ghost mice tracks only. sorry)
ghost mice/andrew jackson jihad (split, fucking download this)
ghost mice/saw wheel (split)
the debt of the dead
ghost mice/pretty hot (split)
ghost mice/paul baribeau (split)

this bike is a pipe bomb
three way tie for a fifth
dance party with myself
front seat solidarity
this bike is a pipe bomb/carrie nations (split)

defiance, ohio
share what ya got

saw wheel
the next train
ghost mice/saw wheel (split)

andrew jackson jihad
holey man, holy war
issue problems
only god can judge me
andrew jackson jihad/flaspar/golden boots (3-way split, golden boots is awesome)
andrew jackson jihad/partners in 818 (split)
home style
operation stackola
people that can eat people are the luckiest people in the world
candy cigarettes and cap guns
fresh quarter, french jihad
ghost mice/andrew jackson jihad (split)